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Juniper Itinerary through the municipality of Petra

by Jaume Andreu Galmés


This Juniperian itinerary is designed to publicize the buildings, spaces and elements that in the town of Petra in one way or another recall the figure of Junípero Serra.

It is not the goal to offer a detailed biography of Junípero and his work in Mallorca and the New World. For this there are already many different publications. Obviously, throughout the itinerary they will take advantage of the different places visited to offer basic aspects of the life and work of the missionary.

It is also an objective of the itinerary to highlight some historical and heritage aspects (architectural, artistic, ethnological or urban) representative of the spaces visited.

Likewise, elements and spaces linked to people who are considered junipers have been included in the tour, since in one way or another they have contributed over time in the investigation, dissemination and recognition of the figure of Junípero Serra. In this sense, you can choose whether or not to include the points that refer to these junipers on the route. They are points number 2, 3, 5, 7 and 9.

The spaces that remind Junípero and the juniperistes can be both spaces or elements directly linked to the presence of these characters, as spaces or elements that have been dedicated in his memory (streets, squares, monuments, etc.), often coinciding with Juniper anniversary dates.

It should be pointed out that there are various contents on the biography of Father Serra, his training and work in Mallorca and his work in the American missions, which can be discussed in several of the places visited during the itinerary. In each case, the place that has been considered most suitable has been chosen.

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